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The 3 Best retail POS software solutions that can help your business growth in the UK

Finding the right POS can be quite difficult, so we always recommend taking a look at a good comparison when you are in doubt and don’t really know where to start. Because there are so many different options that will all offer something different for your business, narrowing things down is important so that you can make the decision easily and quickly. Today we are going to be talking to you about three of the top retail POS software options that you need to check out and that we think can be the right fit for your business in the UK, so make sure to keep reading this article until the end.

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Square for Retail

This is a POS solution that has been specifically designed for retail purposes, so it makes sense that it will be on this list. The first thing that you have to know that it has fairly moderate price and it will help you process your transactions easily and quickly, much like other POS solutions out there. However, where the solution stands out is by allowing you to manage purchase orders and vendor lists, manage an unlimited number of employees, calculate your profit margins and much more, and all of this at a price much lower than most solutions out there. The pricing starts at $60 a month per location for just one device, so if you only have one location and one device you will only pay $60. Every additional device will cost you $20 per month, per device, which is still not a bad price.

The platform does require some specific pieces of hardware and those will cost you around $975 and the register can be bought for $49 per month for 2 years. These seem like big payments, but one will be a onetime payment and the other is pretty reasonable, so it doesn’t really feel like much of a stretch. You will get some great inventory management, which will let you track your products and set your own low stock alerts and you will also be able to create and print your own bar code labels, track returns, receive orders, create and process your orders and much more. The POS can also automatically create customer profiles based on the customers’ payment information and you will have all of the data for that customer in one place.

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Shopify POS Software

This is the perfect retail POS solution for small businesses in the US that are looking for something that is very simple and easy to use, while also being extremely effective and efficient. This is a POS that will work in the physical and in the online world which makes it the perfect solution for anyone that has an online or brick and mortar business, or both. If you have both, or if you are looking to get involved in both kinds of business, then Shopify is your winner because it will allow you to connect the two worlds seamlessly and very quickly.

You will get inventory management, some of the best customer service in the world, all of the most necessary tools, and all of that will come with one of the best prices in the business. Even though the Shopify retail POS ecommerce solution can get a bit more expensive, that is not the case when it comes to the POS. Another great thing is that Shopify doesn’t require a special kind of hardware and it can work on basic Apple devices. Once you have it on your iPad or iPhone you will be able to track your business in real time on your device, you will be able to automate most of the processes and deal with everything from home, or wherever you happen to be without having to go to the store. The prices start at $29 for the Basic plan, $79 for the Shopify Plan and $299 for the advanced solution.

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QuickBooks POS

This is a POS solution for small businesses that you can download and it doesn’t require you to pay any monthly fees like the other two options on this list. This is a POS that will only work on a Microsoft powered PC or tablet, but once you have it you will be able to incorporate it seamlessly with QuickBooks Financial. So, if you already use this tool to help you with your accounting, then this is a good POS solution to use and incorporate the accounting and the payments in just one single solution. The prices are fixed and they are a onetime payment. The software fee is $1200 for the basic plan, while the pro version will cost you $1700 and the multi-store version will set you back $1900. Once you pay the plan you are purchasing the license and each license that you buy will only be valid for one user. The hardware is not included in the price, so that will cost you additionally and it will depend on what you are looking for.

You will get all of the basic features like inventory management, which includes product tracking, purchase orders, low stock alerts and so on, it gives you customer relationship management that will help you track your customer’s sales and you will be able to see each full transaction history of every single one of your shoppers, and of course there are the accounting integrations thanks to the QuickBooks Finance solution.

We already said it above, but we feel like we should mention again that choosing the right POS for your small business is a key part of your business and this is a decision that deserves your time and attention. The three options that we spoke about above, Square for Retail, Shopify and QuickBooks POS, are all great solutions that will definitely help you out with your business and all you will have to do is choose the one whose features you like the most. We hope that this article comparing POS solutions and talking about some of their best features was useful to you and that it helped you find the perfect solution for your own business in the UK.

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